i've been playing guitar for a while now and i want to start writing songs. but i cant help but to use the same chord progressions for every song. does any no where i can find some interesting chords i want to use the whole neck.
Using the same chord progressions repeatedly may not necessarily be a bad thing. You might consider introducing some slight variations into the basic progression instead of trying a completely new one. You are better off doing it this way because if you try a completely new progression, your playing will suffer temporarily while you are learning the new progression.

Do what you are already familiar with and introduce some variations into it.

Found a good lesson on this a few days ago, let me see if I can find it again...

EDIT: Found it! link

This will probably help a lot, do u know anything about music theory? it kind of gets into that a little bit, but not much. Learning some theory could also help give you ideas if you don't know any already.
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