ok i have an epiphone special, on the lead and rhythm switch i usually keep it in lead, but when i switch to rhythm it will sometimes not switch to lead, it will just be silent and it sometimes works after several switches but other times it won't for a while, also sometimes the sound will break up (my guitar went silent for about 20 sec) during a song, this has happened while i was playing a gig and i dont wont it to keep happening
Lot of complaints of broken switches on Epiphones 'round here.

Try Allparts.com. Should come in the mail pretty quick since you're in Texas.

Great project to learn soldering if you don't already know how.
yeah i had a problem with my G-400's switch, must be the epiphone switches. I replaced it with one I got at guitar center and it's worked ever since.
You gigged with an Epiphone Special? Huh... Anyways, my first guitar was an Epi Special, and it did that exact same thing. The switch is just a piece of junk
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Happened to my schecter before i changed the pickups. And it was only because of a bad sodder. it stopped happening once i changed my pups
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