"X Marks the Spot" hailing from New Hampshire has released its first EP titled "The Art of Complex Simplicity" and is gaining support from fans and musicians alike!

Taking influence from Parkway Drive, Attack Attack, Atreyu, and many more,
X Marks the Spot aims to deliver everything a metalcore fan loves!

Find our music on myspace and on our x marks the spot Facebook page!

Please feel free to leave any comments, criticism, ect!
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X Marks the Spot is now looking for an amazing drummer! We are all set to gig and have numerous connections to get us on the move, quickly! Please contact us through our myspace or facebook pages, or at:


You're going to end up falling in with all the other stagnating whatever-core bands up here in NH unless you do something unique with the genre. For starters, you could get a better band name. Your name is more suited to an acoustic duo than a metalcore band. A new name will help you get noticed, at least.

New song names would be good too. Your 4 songs exemplify the 4 styles of lame hardcore song names: Lame attempts at badass (between the fallen), self-glorifying (1.21 Chuggawats), Unnecesarily long and stupid (Chuck Norris was an only child eventually), and failed attempts at anger (shut up). Don't name your songs like that. Use wordplay or something. Find out what other bands are naming their songs and don't name yours anything like that.

Musically, try adding some blast beats (once you get a new drummer), some solos instead of breakdowns, or write a breakdown that has something other than open-string chugs, or better yet abandon breakdowns entirely. Experiment with open tunings, add slide guitar, or keyboards, or a god damn accordion, just do something to stand the **** out. I hate bands that sound like every other band in a given genre, bnd that's exactly what you're headed towards. Turn it around or you'll likely get nowhere.
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Well... I guess the music isn't up your alley. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

Have a good one!

X Marks the Spot
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Well... I guess the music isn't up your alley. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

Have a good one!

X Marks the Spot

I have no issue with the music if its done in a unique and interesting way. I didn't see yours as particularly unique or interesting. Just my opinion.
Alright dude, I was nice to you. It's clear that you don't like the sound of the band, or this genre, and I respect that. But you pigeon-holed an entire genre in your first post and that's not cool. We are going to have breakdowns and silly names, it's what we like, and what works for us. Calling our work "lame, failed attempts" is not constructive criticism, but I guess we can't all think up such great titles as "of corpse not." If this is the kind of song names you appreciate, please do not comment on song names ever again.

We're trying to get our name out, and posts like yours don't help us at all.
So, unless you want to be our drummer or have something positive to post, go away.