Being a lefty, its already hard enough to find good acoustic guitars at decent prices. I have a fender cd100ce lh that sounds awful to me, and I was looking to upgrade without paying too much. The seagull s6 original series stood out and at guitarcenter.com and amazon the price for an original s6 for lefties is 439. So was the price on Amazon. The QI series seems to be acoustic-electric and was priced over at 540 for righties. The list price for a left hander was 700, but it shows a 44% off price of $386. Am I missing something here or is this just a crazy good deal? A weird thing is, Amazon is the only place I can find online that even has a lefty QI?

The seller on amazon is from seagull, doesn't seem like a scam.

Here's the link to the guitar I just bought.

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the seller on that page is amazon. i've never heard of them selling a second, have you? looks like it's a good deal - it costs a few bucks less than the straight up acoustic version of the s6. i've gotten occasional deals like this from amazon before for other kinds of products, btw.

looks like you scored, tylerjroach - congrats