So Mesa is kinda the standard for modern metal, does avatar stand up?

The avatar is like 400 cheaper than the Mesa. Everyone seems to have good feedback on avatar.
Avatar will sound good but IMO the Mesa Cabs accept draped mics better, like the Sennheiser e609 and e906. The Mesa Rectifier cab will have more and looser low end, whereas the Avatar 412 will be more similar to the Mesa Stiletto cab which is tighter and overall a little better sounding for live solo guitar applications. It's hard to replace the Rectifier cab's sound with anything, whereas the Stiletto's cab is replicated by many less expensive companies. The biggest difference will be in build quality, though I can say that my Avatar 212 has served me well for four years (although I never put it through any abuse whatsoever even when gigging). I would go with Avatar if you are set on buying new, otherwise go for a Stiletto 412 used, I think it would serve your amps better.
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I've never heard a single bad remark about avatar cabs. Never owned one, but they certainly have a positive reputation. Another popular metal cab i've heard is Vaders, apparently they're really good. Might be worth looking into. But yeah, absolutely never heard anything negative about Avatars.
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mesa's standard (stiletto now?) are pretty good cabs. good specs, good speakers, but you're paying for the name mostly. the oversized recto cab has a huge bottom end that doesn't sound good with certain amps (turns muddy and muffled). other amps benefit from it (lack of highs or if it has a tight bottom end) and can sound incredible.

the avatar is just a cheaper alternate. you could look into orange, egnater tourmaster, marshalls with v 30s, hughes and kettner, etc. try out some higher end ones, and some lower end ones. see what you like and base your choice from that. hell, you could even buy a cheapie cab, and replace the speakers with what YOU like (a line 6 cab for example and change up speakers). go crazy man! and good luck!
MEsa 4x12 OS is hand down like 10x better than any avatar i've owned

However for the Nitro look at a Krank Cabs, and marshall with greenbacks, ro a splawn cab. Nitro with V30's does not work so well
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a used mesa and a new avatar should be about the same price.
imo the mesa is built a bit better then the avatar.
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