I am looking for a good pedal to do these things... you know the guitar sounds that always seem to be in the background of modern rock and alt bands... I don't need anything that specific but I am looking for something that will really allow me to make a variety of sounds. My price range is somewhere between 100-350 hopefully... Any recommendations?
I use the Boss DD-3 myself, it gets the job done and is well within your price range. I'm not a huge delay junkie, still though, it's a solid pedal.
I'll play it and tell you what it is later.
-Miles Davis
Line6 DL4

I love mine. It's got a 14 second loop sampler and a bunch of different styles of echo and delay settings to choose from
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I agree with the Boss Space Echo pedal.
I normally get an awesome spacey sound with just a line 6 Spider 3 amp though.