Has anyone every bought one of these fake styled bigsby:


It's significantly cheaper then a real one, but it looks pretty well built. Despite the no frills, are these things safe and worth it or risky for a cheap budget?

Think it'll function aswell as a real bigsby?

*For use on an Epiphone es335 dot
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Bigsbys arent that unstable, they just need to be set up properly just like any other trem.
I wouldnt go for one of those, the licensed bigsbys arent that much more and are great
I've got a B5 style one from the same store and I haven't had any problems with it at all. It holds tuning and returns to pitch just as well as a licensed bigsby.
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The Bigsby on my Gretsch has no tuning problems. I'm surprised that listing doesn't get the boot for using the Bigsby name.