What are some common riffs bands like these two use? I'm starting a band and we want to do original stuff like it. We're playing in drop d. Thank you!

Basically This. JK.
Basically this with a harmony.
But seriously, I dont know to many terms here, but what i have mostly seen in the riffs are just open notes, 8th fret, 7th fret, 5th fret, and 10th frets on the E string. With some notes from whatever scale your in on the A, and D string. Then just play that with a harmony catchy rhythm, and some rhythm power chords, and chugging. And you get a common metalcore riff.
But their solo's are usually pretty interesting, so just learn scales, and common sweep picking shapes like this.

I sound a bit like a jerk, but honestly those bands are a bit generic sounding.
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it's alright, they can sound generic. I listen to other stuff too (Saosin, etc.). thanks for the help anyway.
you could ask in the subforum for that genre or something, but this forum is for talking about recording and the subforums for show casing your stuff.