I am wanting to play a cover of Golden Slumbers by The Beatles but I need some help/advice on making the string/orchestra part into a piece I can play on guitar like if I could play a chord or note in place of string part. Think Slash's version of The Godfather Theme. I've already figured out the piano part on guitar so I only need help with the strings.
This is the link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwt3yXQEZdU
Strings start at 0:13
I found some information on the song theory-wise but I don't really understand it, if you could explain that to me then it would be much appreciated. Here it is:
- The completely diatonic tune is replete with wide-ranging arch-like gestures. The leap of a 6th is appears many times over as a motif.

- The almost equally diatonic harmony uses six chords and moves primarily around a short cycle of 5ths.

- In spite of the obvious opening of each verse on what sounds like an A minor 7th chord the fact is that A minor is never established as a tonal center (a.k.a. home key) in its own right. It's more accurate to identify the song as being "in" the key of C, albeit it with a verse that starts away from it but quickly converges.

sorry for the double post.....but can someone please just explain what the last part of my post means...the theory part. i can probably figure it out from there. thanks