ok so i got a jackson kelly performer of craigslit and i like it all except for the dot inlays..... i wanna get some precut stars from screwmac or something but im sick of dots..... if i got the inlays and traced them on the fretboard then took a dremel to it. could i just cut out the old inlay and it be whatever? and then glue the new one in and it be fine or what?

also would i absolutly have to take out all the frets when i did this? cause i have no idea how to refret a guitar and crown all the frets ect....
i was thinking like sexy abalone stars or skulls or something.

also, how could i make some sort of jig so i dont make the dremel stuff to deep and **** up the fretboard..... help?
Ah, finally a question I know about. All these threads about how to wire pick ups and stuff, not a clue. Inlay I know.

As long as the new inlays completely cover the dot, you can just grind them away with your dremel. You will need to get a router base for the dremel in order to set the right depth. Dremel make a usable one and Stewmac sells a cool one, but it's expensive.

How for your fret question. It can be done without removing the frets, but it's tricky. try to set the depth of the inlays as close to the wood in the dead center of the fretboard as close as possible, but be sure to leave a little material over the wood. Next you have to mask off the fret or you will nick them. Using files, carefully file down the materials and try to touch the wood as little as possible. You will need to check the radius of each fret with a radius guide to make sure you haven't flattened it out. If you do, just reradius the fret. This will cause the fret to be slightly lower then the rest of the board, but it a playing situation, you will not notice the difference. At the frets get closer together, you will have to be more and more careful. Is it easy? No. Can it be done? Yes.

Be sure to use low cut files, nothing to agressive.
luckily the screwmac router base is large enough that you can just lay the router on top of the fret wire and have at it. make sure you stay shallow so that the inlay sticks up over the wood when you're done... if not, you're basically f*ked and have to yank the frets and refret the neck after leveling the board... i think it's more BS than it's worth.
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hmmm.... i reallllly dont wanna refret if i fack up..... so... does anyone know how long some of those fake inlay sticker things are? if i mess up the neck of that guitar it will be un usable for a long while... so... yea. but im planing on making a mahogany sg eventually and i can trial and error inlaying on that. so are those sticker things any good at all?

also since i do not like those dots at allll. can i just grind out a small amount of the dot and make a rosewood dust and superglue mix and fill the holes and just sand it smooth after with like 600 grit? or what grit?
I put some of the stickers on my Jackson and they last a really long time. I haven't had to replace mine yet, but they do send you two sets, just in case.