Im being honest guys haha, I can write all these metal riffs, but im so sick of playing it now. But now im working on more normal songs, but i can make a simple melody to save my life. Ex. Bittersweet Symphony, Time To Pretend, or whatever lol, but I cant make anything like those.
Is there some formula im missing here? I know my scales, but if i pick notes out of them to make something it just sounds like notes, and doesn't sound professional or musical at all. Are most "melodies" written in the major scale? or can you use any scale you want?
Also I have so much trouble making a "hook", and a good chord progression, i feel like everything i make sounds stolen, and not catchy at all.
Guitar melodies or vocal?
Vocal: Here's how I do it (and I'm recording an emo/pop/indie type EP later this year). I write lyrics and just find chords, and improvise the melody until I find one that I really like. Then I rearrange the chords to fit it better. Melody is less about picking out certain notes and more about just going with the flow, seeing what works and what doesn't.
just keep stealing, lol... learn lick after lick, melody after melody, until you think you've probably played everything you've ever heard on classic rock radio... and one day, you'll just start making up your own. figuring out how to write music that is catchy involves figuring out your own inate understanding of what work and what doesn't work... and by learning all those other songs, you get example after example of what DOES work... it's like picking up an accent from livng abroad for too long.

some basic basic theory stuff would be to of course pick a scale/key and stick to it when you're writing your tunes. key modulations are great, but there's a time and a place, and you can't do 'em all the time. also, when writing riffs, try to begin and end your riffs on strong harmony notes, mostly obviously the root/octave, as well as the third and fifth. It's not gonna sound good if you keep ending on F# when the progression is in E. Remember that pentatonic scales and two/three-chord songs are the most popular things in all of music, so don't overcomplicate becuase you think you have to... only if you need to.
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You can use any scale you like. There is no real formula to making a good melody, it's all dependent on your creativity and what you can come up with. A melody is usually not a really complex thing. You can experiment with different timings and such, but above all, keep writing. That's how you're going to improve at this.
Sometimes a melody will just come to you, but most of the time you'll have to play and see where it takes you until you get something excellent. Also listen to a variety of music and pay attention to what's happening, or if you want to go the extra mile, analyze it.
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Alright thanks both of you guys! And yes i was asking about vocals and instruments, basically nothing i makes sounds original and catchy lol.
Alright I guess its time for me to keep playing other peoples songs lol, and making generic songs until something clicks.
Thanks again, i was beginning to panic that listening to one genre while i learned to first play my instrument would forever cripple my abilities to make a cheesy pop song.
Thanks man, you have no idea how happy i am that i can just experiment until i come up with a melody.