I have an Ibanez RG3EX1 and was wondering if it would be possible to have a tremolo bar installed? To be exact, an Ibanez 2LE21B Tremolo Arm. If so, how much would the average cost be?
I think you would need a new bridge to install your tremolo bar if your current one doesn't have a hole in it.
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To use a tremolo arm you would first need to have a tremolo. If you have one and just need the arm all you have to do is pop the arm in.

If you need a trem a cheap trem will cost less than $!00, a real Floyd Rose is $150–$180. Then you’re going to have to pay a luthier to route out the body for the tremolo, install the trem, and set up the guitar, that’s probably another $200+ worth of labor if you’re in a big city, maybe less if you live in the sticks and there’s someone who can do the work cheap. You’d really be better off to just buy a used guitar with a Floyd; there are craploads of old Ibanez guitars out there that you could buy cheap and replace the entire trem on if it’s old and doesn’t work well.
your guitar has a fixed bridge. you have to buy a new bridge (atleast $150 for a floyd rose) then you have to pay to have your guitar routed and it installed thats another $100 atleast