Hey guys; usually i wouldnt think of selling or trading online but local craigslist doesnt seem to be moving at all lately.. I have a 5150 combo (original one) sounds great.. I got it as part of a trade from the origina owner and never play on it as i dont favor there sound. Its a bit roadworn but not to bad it is however missing the reverb knob which you can replace for like 7$ at GC.

I'll upload pics shortly

I'm not to picky when it comes to trades..
Some things i am looking for include:
New guitar 6-7-8 string (nothing completely low end but if its been upgrading etc.. ill look

I wouldnt mind an Ibanez or Jackson - prefer 24 frets and easy neck access..
Also interested in amps - Marshall DSL/Sunn Model T/ Any other offers i'l look at.. I play wide ranges from brootal deathmetal to jazz.

I'll take 500$ also (not sure about shipping yet)