1. Why when i change the cords gibson of my guitar, after 5 minuts that i play guitar, the cords is darken?
2. Why if i play the cords after a month no longer have the metallic sound they had when they were new? How often should change i their?
do you mean the strings?

if you're concerned about the strings changing, you could try coated strings. i know people who change their strings once a week, and others who change them every 6 months. also since most strings change after a couple days, why not try some different strings till you find some you like the sound of after they've settled in?
they darken because they get dirty
and the duller sound is the result of the string breaking in along with dirt rust etc. on the string
how often you chnge is preference
some every week some a month but you shuold change them when your not happy with how they feel or sound
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1. Are you talking about the strings going out of tune (I don't know what "darken" means; I don't think it literally means darker because strings don't get that dirty in 5 minutes)? If so, new strings take a short while to stretch out. You can keep playing+tuning or take each string individually and pull it away from the neck a little bit and tune it (repeat as necessary until it starts staying in tune).

2. Part of playing Wash your hands before you play and wipe the strings down after you've finished to keep grease and dirt off as much as possible. Also try more expensive strings, depending on what brand you're using now.

How often you change depends entirely on how much you play. You can change them as often as you like if you feel them getting difficult to play.
so.... my strings already coated!!!! Thank you rockinpeacedime , I will always wash my hands before i play the guitar ... There is a product to remove the dirt that we are in the strings?