During the guitar solo of that video, about 4:00 in, you can see what looks like a capo on the end of the lead guitarist's guitar... or something sticking out from it...

But the shots before and after shows that he doesn't have a capo or anything clipped onto the headstock of his guitar.

Is this bad editing or am I missing something here?

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that is quite horrific editing.
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key change? maybe he clipped it on during a bridge the removed it afterwards?
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Capo of Destiny?

Its gotta be different video shoots from different venues. The change is too quick and the lighting in the back is different.

I saw that concert on tv a while back. Jason Mraz is awesome.
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I haven't even watched it, but i'm guessing editing failure.
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I'm pretty sure it's bad editing.

Yeah, this. It's another performance spliced in - even the video quality is different.