My BC Rich Warlock goes out of tune quickly after doing a lot of string bending. I'm pretty sure it's not because I don't stretch the strings, I've stretched them a lot, and I've had them on for awhile. It seems to only go out of tune from bending when I change the tuning or when I tune a string that's out. It seems like the strings (mostly the G, B, and high E) have to "settle" into the tuning. It's kind of annoying. Do I need new tuning machines? Or maybe a truss rod adjustment?
new guitar maybe?
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Since you mention that warlocks have weak tuners, I've had the guitar for almost 6 years now, maybe I should get new tuning heads :P
Lube the nut, and get the saddles filed some.
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if the strings arent fresh then swap them out, 2-3 wraps, with a locking cross over.

and lube string contact points like said.

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I've found bending while you're tuning helps. Tune up, then bend each string as far as you can, around the 12th fret. It should go out, so re-tune it, then bend again and retune. Each time you do, it should be more in tune after you bend, keep doing it until it doesnt go out when you bend. It might not work for you, but it did when I had the same problem on one of my guitars.
Hmm.. Crappy tuners?

Sperzel makes some pretty good ones
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Putting Graphite in the nut helps a lot.

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