I'm always up for a Megadeth cover.
So here goes....critting as I listen...

#1- At first it sounded like you were playing over the actual song, until I recognized, correct me if I'm wrong, the Guitar Hero version backing track? That's the same BT I usually play too if I want to play along live. It's like karaoke for guitarists, the rhythms kick in just when the leads come in. Pretty fun to play along with live and shit.
#2- Sounds like one of the guitars' D string is slightly flat imho. I dunno?
#3- TBH, I wasn't too sure if you had the ability to pull off this song up until the second lead break at 1:40. After you pulled that off the way you did, I knew you had chops when you want to. Up until then, it felt a little sloppy.
#4- It seems like both guitars a playing the same notes during the verses, when they should be playing a harmony? Minor detail.
#5- I give you props for your finger speed and control during the nice Marty leads, but some of those bends are coming off a little off key? Maybe you were just outta practice a little?
#6- I was interested to hear how the longer Marty leads would turn out. The one at 2:52 turned out pretty good. Maybe just a little robotic, like you learned it from tab as opposed to by ear. The one at 3:19 is somewhat the same .


Overall, I'd say you did a pretty damn good job. The split screen was a nice touch also. TBH with you, I get the feeling you have to listen to the song some more to get the feel of Marty Friedman's playing. IMHO, the leads in this song are lengendary, and if one wants to be able to say he can play this song, leads and all, one must have the song running through one's veins or else a snooty MD fanboy is gonna pick it apart....*whistle**whistle*
Just saying.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Here's a cover I did of Lucretia from midi. Check it out and leave me comment if you can. Thanks dude!