My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and i'm just wondering what you guys know about it? any experiences etc.? I know its been portrayed in a few movies and stuff like Girl, Interrupted, but i was wondering about peoples take on the whole thing.
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Do your best man.

Just try to make things easy on her, I understand that any sorta of mental problem just requires alot of patience (one of my best friends has extreme anxiety disorder)

You just have to make them feel comfortable.

Always remember, there's nothing wrong w/ them, they are NOT crazy. Don't ever make her feel like such
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I know a girl that's convinced she's depressed all the time and is weird about things. Sorry to herar that man.
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It's not as bad as you think it might be. Depending on the extremity of it.
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One of my best friends was depressed for a few months... She got meds and councelling and is all good now, but I just did as others said to do... Don't get angry with her, show her that you care... at least with my friend, that was very important...And most importantly, don't dwell on it, but understand that it's there... patience is key.
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