I am interested in buying a new amp. I would like to spend no more than $2000 on a head.

That being said. What is a good multi-channel amp (preferable 3 channels or more; two if the gain channel has an extra voicing or is very flexible) that can do Thrash (mainly 80s and early 90s), Death, Melo-Death, Prog metal, NWOBHM, and has a lower gain/clean channel that I could use for other styles such as blues, jazz, and classic rock.
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3 channel Mesa Dual Recto, very good for the 90s stuff can easily do the 80s thrashy stuff too. a lot of people say that they're very fizzy and you need to turn it up a lot. IMO that complete bullshit, as long as you run something through the effects loop the tone is brilliant and not fizzy at all
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OK another requirement/tone capibility would be to get some tight rhythm sounds al a Iced Earth and some searing leads like Petrucci or Skolnick.
2 channel amp and a EQ pedal would be a better solution not limiting yourself to three channel amps