Guitar pro does not count how many time it has played a loop so there is no telling if you have played something 5 times or 50 times. Also if you have it increase the tempo by 1bpm each loop you can't say for sure at what bpm you start having trouble because that information is not available.

Is a there a program that counts how many times you have played a loop or perhaps even tell it to loop something a number of times before stopping?
Count yourself?

You could also measure the number of seconds it takes the loop to play, and then script a program that adds "1" to a certain variable each time the specified length of time is reached. The variable also has to be displayed.

A good way to measure the length of the loop, is taking the BPM and the amount of bars and putting it in a formula. For example, lets say you have a 4 bar loop at 120 bpm. 120 bpm, 4 beats per bar, 4 bars. 16 beats per loop. 120 beats is 1 minute, 16 beats is 16/120 is 0,1333333. 0,1333333 minutes is 8 seconds (I believe, not sure ) so every loop would last 8 seconds.

As far as I know there is no such program in existence yet.
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Counting is probably best. Calculations will just eat up my practice time and although a timer would be good (I just use my computer's clock it is probably too much hassle with calculations and such). I actually went onto the guitar pro website to try and tell them what to do but I gave up quickly since I am not that fussed.
Put a multiple repeat sign thing at the end
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