Would it be to harmful to toggle the tuning peg so that I can bend up to an open E? I'm playing some 60s surfy music and if I use a whammy bar or pull up on the brridge with my hand it detunes all the other strings, it's just a Squier with no Floyd Rose. I'm not planning on being a pro or recording anything important, just play for my own fun, so would it cause much harm to just toggle the tuning key?
Probably not TOO much harm. Might cause a few string breaks though...

Also was this technique not actually kinda popular in the surf scene or is that just my memory being a failure this morning?
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You can, but unless you have really damn good ears, don't you think it'll be a bit of a problem when you come down from that "bend"?

You should get a new nut or new tuners for tuning stability, or else get a better guitar that you can actually use the tremolo on.
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Surely most squiers come with a hole ready for a tremolo?
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I'm not 100% sure what you mean but Jimmy Page often presses on the short bits of the strings between the bridge and the peg to get a good effect.
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I would reccomend against it. On stage or mid song, you'll need to be pretty quick at tuning back to E, and making sure you're not out of tune.
If you're going to use a trem, just get a trem.

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