I'll do my best to explain...
When I am trying to learn new songs from a tab (yeah still can't play by ear), how can you be sure you're using the right fingers to play individual notes that will set you up in the right position to move onto the next part of the song? Sometimes when I'm playing I find that there is more than one finger I could use to play that particular note while still being able to make a smooth transition. I guess my question really is how can you be sure you are using the "best" fingers to play parts of a song when you have more than one way to place your fingers, or does it really end up being what's more comfortable for you as a player? I just want to make sure I'm not messing up my technique by being sloppy with my fret hand finger placement and hurting myself in the long run.
Whatever feels most comfortable and works. Just make sure you do it the same way every time.
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Just figure out the system that works best for you. Start with one finger per fret, 4th finger goes to longest stretches obviously and everything in between is up to you. Try to keep it the same each time, but sometimes you will have to cater to awkward position changes.
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What I'm doing now seems to work fine for me and I can make it through most moderately difficult songs with a little practice, but at times it seems like my fingers are just flailing around trying to find the strings before I can regain control and make a decent sound.
You just need to take it slow and build muscle memory for whatever you are having difficulty with then
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