What chord should I play to get a diesel locomotive air horn sound? Did the manufacturers use augmented chords? Or, what chords produce these harsh, dissonant tones?
I think its just air through a whistle?
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I get that sound by bending the "G" and the "B'" string at around the 7th fret . Just bend it up a step then back down then up again. With a little distortion it get's that trainhorn sound.

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i like to get a horn-like sound on the G D and A strings bending real hard on the 9th fret if that helps
Uh, a guitar is not going to get you a train horn type sound.... An actual train horn will get you that sound, but no instrument will ever get you the exact sound of a train horn, or even close, a train horn is the most loud, obnoxious, ear destroying sound ever devised by man, so nimrods will pay attention to oncoming trains and not park their car in the middle of the tracks.

I guess you could attempt to run a stupid amount of distortion, then hit a high note and pull really hard back on a Floyd or something to get that far away sound.