sounds good tough it's not really possible to do vibratos and slides on a real flute
Interesting... i like this kind of music. It's strange, melancholic, hypnotic. To me at least, since i'm not very familiar with eastern european music.
Do you have any more of this?
There's no glissando for flutes? I thought you could manage it, but I don't play any woodwind instruments, so I wouldn't know.

An interesting piece, very much sets itself apart from the majority of the pieces here. It reminds quite a bit of a Fire Emblem ditty for some reason.
The mood is good, with the 3/4 swing giving the accordion proper breathing room. And the flute accents as well as harmonization were well placed. Nothing was needlessly done, which I was glad for.

I thought I was gunna be able to give a fuller crit, but this piece is good as is.
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Probably one of my favorite compositions on here. It's a very nice break from the bland prog death/metalcore/"experimental" music posted here. What did you listen to when you wrote this?

Applause mate.


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