Hey pit,

I've been a member for a long time (Not a newbie spamming the place :P)

I just wondered if you'd find it in your hearts to cast me some votes as this here link

I feel I've created something which deserves to be higher than 27th, i just haven't got the man power to get me any higher at the moment.

Basically if your not familiar with the contest, it's the Linkin Park featuring you thing, where you get given some tracks from an upcoming single and told to remix them all (and add new) to have a final product.

If you'll listen to mine, you'll understand why i deemed it necessary to post here, it's a hard rock/acoustic creation with a fast paced tempo/ my best guitar solo and some originality which you will hear!

Once again guys would really appreciate it if you decide to take the time and vote for me, it would really help me out!!