Looking to play songs by dream theater such as wither solo and count of tuscany. Which amp would be more suitable Thanks~
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Have you played either of them? I would also try out the peavey vypr, it gets very good reviews.
I have both of these amps...I picked them up for a bargain from local buy/sell ads.

I prefer the Roland Cube for sound quality. The Vox is a bit more 'gimmicky'. The Cube will also maintain it's value better and be less 'dated' after a couple of years.
I'm liking the Vox far better. Imo the Cube is kinda dated (except for the Microcube) ever since the Valvetronix and Vypyr series appeared.
I'd go have a look at the Roland and the Peavey Vyper.

The Vox VT series sound good but have problems with channel switching:

I've had a Roland VGA3 amp now for playing around the house, for years and it's NEVER let me down. It was the first of the COSM amps by Roland, I think. I like the sound from the Cube amps, especially for getting a great sound in the house.
Quote by Matt15f
Have you played either of them? I would also try out the peavey vypr, it gets very good reviews.

I have not tested the two amps yet but i have read a bunch of reviews on them and have a really hard time deciding between them. Roland seems to be better in metal music compared to the Vox. Would the vox be better if i used a pedal with it
Out of the two, I'd get the Vox.

But I'd get a Peavey Vypyr instead.
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I have tested all of the 3 major modelling amps in the 30watt class being the Vox VT30, Peavey Vypyr 30 and Roland Cube 30x.

As like many people looking at this style of amp, it is very difficult to make a decision. Here's the conclusion i have come too:

For clean sounds and for that bluesy overdrive the vox is very good. For rock and metal give it a miss it doesn't cut it.

The Roland and the Vypyr are much better all round amps. I must admit the Vypyr probably sounds a little better to methan the roland...........but not by much........and its just my opinion. The peavey has a 12in speaker and it seems to have a fuller sound.

What i loved about the roland was that it has everything you are likely to need or use. It was very simple to use and had seperate dials for reverb and delay. It's also a more compact package and the all dials are the top of the amp which i prefer. The simplicity is very appealing.

The Peavy has more features hands down. More sounds than u can poke a stick at. It has a 12 in speaker and is a bigger amp and to me has a bigger fuller sound. It has more amp models and stompboxes and effects. It also has a 5 year warranty vs 1 year for the roland not that i think u will ever need to worry to much about a roland. they are very realiable. The peavey does look a little more complicated to use and would take time to learn how to use it and get the most out of what it has to offer. The peavey is also $100 more RRP in Aus.

I am leaning towards the peavey only cause i think it sounds a little better (please note a little), has a bigger speaker and better warrranty and i can get a better than average deal on one which makes on par price wise with the roland for me. Tough decision as they are both very good. Will let u know next week which way i decided to go. sorry about size of post hope the info helps.