I am guessing this is where to post this, but it's a wild shot in the dark. If I really have picked the wrong spot to ask, please feel free to redirect me.

Anyway, I'm working on tabbing out Doomsday by Murray Gold, but I'm pretty amazingly terrible at working stuff out by ear. I've got the basic pieces down for the vocals, bass, drums and some of the guitars, but I'm having a bit of trouble deciphering the piano line after about a minute in and I know I have some of the guitar chords wrong. If anyone can help me out, or even wants to help me finish it (no pressure or anything <_< .... >_>...) then that would be awesome.


Anyone that does help out will get full credit for their contribution, I'm really just looking to tab it out so I can cover it in a completely different style for a new project.


edit: The tab I've attached is about two minutes of the song. I'm still working on it after the Cello comes in.
wt; Doomsday.gp4