So here's the deal. I'm moving to the UK for uni in September. I live outside of the UK, so I got to talking with my dad about what I shall bring with me to Uni.

We agreed that I should bring my guitar and buy an amp off ebay once I'm there.

At home I have a Peavey Valveking 112.

Which is the best amp that I would be able to buy that would cost between 80 and 120 pounds.

It just has to be a good, steady practice amp with a nice sound.

I'm taking y Epiphone Firebird with me to uni asn I play mainly Blues/Rock/Metal (I play lots of Maiden).

I do not plan to gig with the amp, so I doN't need an amazing one.
I knw that I can'T get much for 100 pounds, but what is the best tht I could get?

Thanks in advance!
Out of interest, where do you live now?
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Thanks for the suggestions. Any more would be very welcome!

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Out of interest, where do you live now?

I'm moving from Budapest to Glasgow