So GB&C,
Im pissed off as hell right now. I was trying to build a guitar stand with some left over wood i had, and the screws didn't go in right and a bunch of shit happened. I punched a hole in my wall and broke all the wood. But i cooled down now .
So UG, How do you guys deal with failure (temporary or permanent) in a build? Am i not patient as the average UG'er?
i'm in the same boat as you man, i punch shit and go mental, then calm down and think "wtf just happened" i spose i should really learn to control my anger/temper but i don't really know where to start.
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I suck it up and cry myself to sleep at nights.

Naw, kidding, just plan things out and faliure is less likely or serious. And punching things is the last thing you want to do when you have a bunch of sharp spinning blades around you, so make sure you shut them off first.

And as for patience, I've always been fairly patient. It's been over 2 months since I was last able to work on my guitar, but I know that even though it sucks, it's better than going through the whole thing in a day and ending up with shit.


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You punched a hole in your wall? Why?

When I get mad at my project, I just leave, cause I know if I break it in a rampage, then life will suck, cause the stuff I have is worth more money than I have.

I don't I just got mad... These walls are like paper here in the US...
Tell yourself that breaking everything won't solve anything. In fact, it might just make things worst. Just take a break and get back to it later, and you've cooled down.
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I don't I just got mad... These walls are like paper here in the US...

I know what you mean, I'm always afraid I'm going to fall through the second story floor, every time I walk I can feel the floor give way, a lot. Stupid poultry houses, built by illegal immigrants out of the cheapest stuff you can find, and that is a fact, I watched them build my house, non spoke english, and they stuck to the bare minimum to the housing building code, and then charged us an outrageous price.

Get a punching bag, so you don't end up with swish cheese walls.
I typically just sit back in my chair and fume, staring at it and wondering if there's any way I can correct the monumental screw-up I just made. If there is, I'll get to work on it. If there's not... I go fume some more, and put myself down for wasting time and money.
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whenever that happens you just have to realize that tearing stuff up won't help anything, in fact, the opposite. And working on something while frustrated isn't good either. if you start to get frustrated put it down and come back later with a clear head.

several times I've thought I'd fucked up big time and got pissed and left it for a few days, but then came back and figured out a way to fix it. many times I've been troubleshooting, not able to figure out the problem, finally took a break, and 20 minutes later found that it was something extremely simple that I'd over looked.