Anybody ever try these out before? I was fiddle farting around at my local music store when I saw these, guess they just stocked them, but it intrigued me. They clam it's the first new material to be used in a while, and they look pretty copperish.

I wanted to get a set, but I already bought two sets of electric strings. I think I might get a set today.

Anyway, here's the site, what do ya'll think?

Others have mentioned them before, but I've never heard any opinions on them. If you try them out, let us know! I'm intrigued.
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They just used a slightly higher ratio of copper to tin. Doesn't seem particularly groundbreaking to me. Let us know how you like them.
I tried a set of 11's on my Martin DC-16GTE, and I wasn't really impressed. The alloy retains a lot more tension than the 11 gauge Martin SP's (phospher bronze) that I normally use. The strings were much more taut - to the point that my intonation was considerably thrown off and the action had been raised... I lost a lot of bass response and all in all my chords lost some clarity and were generally dull.

That's just my first impression, different guitars will sound different with different strings of course... I was fed up after about three weeks, so I slapped a new set of SP's on and everything is cool again.
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Ok, here's a more detailed review of this brand. I used a Takamine G Series EG334SC with Tusq nut and bridge pins.

Strings feel nice, smooth and don't have much drag.
Much tighter than normal 80/20 bronze light gauge string.
The G string sounds rather dull to me, the low E, A, and D strings ring out very nicly.
The High E, B, and G strings sound kinda quite compared to the wound string, cept the G is wound.

They are very warm sounding strings, I'm used to bright and in you face type strings, like 80/20 bronze, but they are not bassy sounding like phosphor bronze strings are, they are bright, yet warm, kinda interesting.

I made a quick track, simple C, F, AM,, EM progression capo 2nd fret, with a simple short lead over it, I double tracked it. But this is through my TK-40 preamp, so it's not the best example, but somethings better than nothing.

I had a set on my acoustic for awhile. They sound pretty decent when you put them on, but the tone quickly fades imo. More bothersome, though, was that the windings came off at each fret on my G and D strings. I've never had that happen before, and when it did, I decided I would never shell out the cash for them again.

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