i have to do a project for school. have to record my own advert for something, my group decided that i should play the music that we use.

in the first part they want something slow and melodic with finger picking preferably on acoustic. im having trouble thinking of something slow enough that still souds really good.

the second part they want me to swap to my electric and crank the distortion with something fast maybe sort of metaly, but not too insane that it takes away from the video.

i was considering writing the songs myself, but ill do that as a last resort.

(i can play both styles mentioned, so thats not a worry)

any help would be appreciated.
the ending of MR. Crowley - Ozzy ozbourne, you could play the interlude (part before the last solo) on acoustic or a clean tone, then switch for solo
Just write it yourself.
Oh yeah.

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