My latest piece, crits appreciated.

Also this song is heavily influenced by a recent shroom trip so the lyrics might not make much sense.
Seeping Through The Tips Of My Fingers.gp5
Seeping Through The Tips Of My Fingers.gp4
That was excellent. I did not find many major faults with it at all. I suppose it does lack variety somewhat as you only have five different themes which you recycle with some slight alterations later on. Still, I found all of the riffs to be very enjoyable and well written, so I would not consider the song repetitive at all. I also quite enjoyed the bird tweeting, I thought they were a magnificent addition to the song. I'm sorry if I can not give better criticism but as I said there is not a lot I would change at all.
Reserving this post for a crit, which I will do when I get home from work tonight!
My Old Progressive Metal Band:
For fans of Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Cynic.

My New Progressive Rock/Djent Band:
Wings Denied
For fans of Deftones, Tesseract, Periphery, Karnivool, Cynic.
I really like the beggening,
The only problem I have so far is at 21, the transfer to 88bpm sounds really sudden. Try bridging the two signatures slowly.
That's seriously the only problem I can find. Whenever it switches to 88bpm it sounds strange.
Overall, REALLY GOOD. 9.5/10

Crit mine?