Im learning the Comfortably Numb solos on electric guitar and I can't seem to get it right. I can get the first solo fine, and the first bit of the second solo, its when gilmour does those little lick things, those huge jumble of notes in like 2 seconds in various parts of the second solo that i cant get right. If done slowly, its all good, but when I do it at the right speed, It feels like Im trying to put in more notes than is actually there (may because he does it so fast?)

Is there some sort of special strumming/picking pattern Im suppose to be doing to get all those fast notes in there? Im just kinda picking without any special rule.

Ive been told to use a transcribing program to play the song slowly and then speed it up little by little, does anyone know any free programs? and how much space it takes on computer?

Any Help/Tips? Thanks.
the thing which everyone deep down knows but nobody wants to be true about guitar is that the only way of getting better is to play it. these programs might help you a bit here or there but i suspect that really you just gotta keep putting the hours in. depending on how much faster it is than you can play you could probably nail it with a weeks decent practice.
I actually play those solo's regularly myself and I've noticed that at a few parts if I try to stay crisp and play it note for note that GP5 says it is, it tends to not sound so great. The thing about comfortably numb I think is that it's one of those solo's that you have to feel. I personally suck at anything improv. related but for this one if I use the tab just as a guideline and just get in the mindset of the song. That's my advice, just get in the feel of the song and know the gist of what's supposed to be going on.