Is there any plausible reason that a fender amer standard strat would have a screw lodged into the place where would you insert a tremolo arm/whammy bar?
Cause mine does, and I don't see why.

might be something to protect the socket?
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Is it there instead of the tremolo arm? If so, then it's probably just to prevent you catching your arm on it since it sticks up, coz that can hurt.

If not, then I'm clueless I'm afraid
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Are we talking an actual screw, or just something stuck in there? Cause my whammy bar actually broke off in the socket (real cheap whammy mind you.) If its an actual screw someone might have dropped it in, or they were just being retarded, if the guitar is used. If its new, I have no idea, but see if you can get it out. Make sure it is the place for the whammy bar first, but it probably is because there aren't really any screws on the front of a strat.
Someone probably put a screw in there to keep something else from getting lodged in the hole...
yeah it's used, and it's in there pretty deep

the first pic is of the bridge (zoomed out) so you can see what the second pic is

and the second pic, blurry, but you can see the brown thing, that'd be the screw that's lodged in