I just got tickets yesterday for American Carnage! Mainly for Megadeth, since their one of my favorite metal bands, but I'm listening to a bit of Slayer, and I like some of their stuff. I used to listen to a bit of Testament, but I havent in a while.
As far as I know, Megadeth is playing all of Rust in Peace, and Slayer is playing all of Seasons In The Abyss, and then their playing hits that arent on the albums.
So I ask you guys, what are some of Slayers and Testaments hit songs for me to listen to, so I know what songs theyre playing at the show?
Also, you can discuss the tour here too
"Hit songs"? Are you sure this is the right genre for you?
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Slayer will probably play Raining Blood, Angel of Death, War Ensemble, Mandatory Suicide, and South of Heaven. that's all I can really think of off the top of my head.

Testament will probably play Into the Pit, More Than Meets the Eye, Trial by Fire, Over the Wall, Alone in the Dark, Practice What You Preach. I've seen them twice already in the past two years and they played all of those.

Which show are you going to? My friends and I have tickets for the Camden, NJ show.

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I would just listen to Slayer - Reign in Blood CD. It looks like they aren't playing much other stuff on the new tour. I would grab Testament - The New Order and the Legacy. Two of the greatest thrash CDs of all time.
I might be going to the second leg. Anthrax in place of Testament, should be good.
I heard Slayer's playing all of South of Heaven, not sure if that's true or not though.
Quote by el-shredder
I heard Slayer's playing all of South of Heaven, not sure if that's true or not though.

Yep, its true. And Megadeths playing all of Rust in Peace. Both albums came out in 1990, so its their 20th anniversary tour.
I'm really hoping that Megadeth has A Toute Le Monde in their setlist for the show at the Tsongas. According to SetlistFM, theyve been playing it in canada.... But I havent seen Sweating Bullets in the set