anyone have any idea if ones a better buy than the other? i mean they look pretty similar to me and are about the same price. any one have any experience with owning either or both of these brands? i hear good things about them both. thanks guys!
id go with planet waves
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In my opinion I would go for Mogami cables as they are the standard for recording studios or even something like George L's cables. Buying cables in bulk (in terms of length) and then buying quality connectors is probably going to work out cheaper and better value than buying ready-made cables.

You probably know this but, cheap cables are a big cause for signal noise so buying good quality cables is the way to go if you're concerned about tone.

I can't comment on the Livewire but if I couldn't buy Mogami etc. I would settle for the Planet Waves Custom Pro.
I have Planet Waves, best cables that I've tried that don't cost stupid amounts of money.
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thank you very much guys. looks like i'll go with the planet waves. i looked at the mogami cables too, but they are just a bit pricey for me. im sure they are a bit better, but i probably wouldnt notice the difference all too much. i'll definitely notice a difference when i upgrade from my current cable to a planet wave though, haha its a like a misc. radio shack cable that i got years ago, and since then my setup has changed from an epiphone les paul standard and a 30 watt line 6 spider III, to a peavey 6505 plus half stack and a schecter hellraiser C7. still have the same radio shack cables as ive neglected to swap them out for new ones x.x haha