I'm the singer/guitarist of a pretty small-time band. We're 17, and there are several other bands of the sort in the area. Three of us, along with a solo performer or two have been discussing putting on our own concerts in a proper venue-type place.

Generally, concerts around here are either in a nearby café/bar type place, which is nice, but really small, with a six-inch-high stage and pretty dodgy sound-capability, or run by a local association that kind of tie you in to playing concerts in tiny little towns all over the place, with very little input, etc.

So, we're kind of looking at taking it into our own hands. I had assumed, that with about 15 of us in it, it'd be a managable cost.

However, suddenly, people are talking about 300euros to hire a sound-system with engineer, and the "Salle de Fetes" type rent-a-room places are generally about 150-200euros, if not more.

This all seems a bit extravagant, but I'm stingy. What do you guys think of the general cost and necessities of this sort of thing?

Also, any advice?

And, finally, how much, if anything, do you think we should charge on the door? I'm guessing about 5euros (as a reference, a cinema ticket here is 7euros, minimum).

I put on a show with some mates of mine when I was in high school about your age.
(Actually we put on a few shows... but only one shows truly ours, if you get what I mean)

Anyways, we had a connection to a band that had a practice space at a business strip mall place. The father of the band owned the building and didn't use the second floor, so we had shows there (with permission of course).

Then, the band had their own PA system, so there was no reason to fuss about anything else. I mean, really, we were 17 year olds, who needs a mixer?

All in all, we had several local bands play, and it was a huge success (it upstaged the high school "coffee house," which in turn made the kids who did that hate us). We had about 50+ people mid show. Pretty gnarly.

However, we did not charge (why would you? You're in high school or equivalent, just have some fun).

So yeah, there is my experience. I hope I was loquacious enough... the event was a fond memory, but a lot happened, and it was a little while ago, so I don't really remember all of it (no, I was clear headed, there was just an abundance of details, so it's "detail overload" to think about it).

In short:
Use a PA and basic amps, don't charge, see if you can find a place through a connection, a practice space, whatever, and let the ball roll. Kids will find a way to make things work.
I suggest you don't hire a sound engineer (although it would be cool and if you have the money go for it) but if you do and lose money before the show, then 5 euros or less should be enough depending on how many people you think will go to the concert. I am in the same boat because I am planning a concert in a field nearby, we just need county approval and some sort of stage. Like the other post said, Your 17 have fun with it!!!
The cost of the venue, you really can't get around unless you can find somewhere cheaper. The sound engineer sounds like a waste of money, though. I'm sure for that cost you could buy a low-end PA system, and get a friend with a good ear to mix for you.

If you want to reduce ticket price, you can possibly sell some snacks and drinks to help defray the cost.
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