I had it for a while... ehh... It wasn't 'bad'. But, it just wasn't for me.

I know plenty of people that like it and use it.

I like having fuzz and OD pedals independant of each other.
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Looks good but I for my style of playing it wouldn't really work for me because I do play with a tiny bit of distortion, and I would use a fuzz pedal if I played a solo or something, so I need the pedals seperate. That is for my band at least. I've never personally used one but I heard one being played through a Line6 Lowdown, and it sounded good, so m guess is it will be a decent pedal.

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Quote by Spaz91
Its a crap pedal with no decent sounds available. Get a Bass Big Muff instead.

do u own one?
what exactly made u hate it?
I just sold one on ebay yesterday, it's an okay fuzz pedal sounds similar to a bass big muff. However it's very difficult to get a decent sound out of the overdrive channel. I replaced mine in a few months with a boss odb-3, much much better pedal all round more versatility and just much easier to use too. The EHX is okay for a cheap fuzz pedal but if you want something to gig with either get a bass big muff or get the boss odb-3.
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