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Nylon strings
2 25%
Metal Strings
6 75%
Voters: 8.
Ive been wanting to buy an electro-acoustic guitar and I saw this suzuki's models that looked good and affordable
but I wanted to know if this susuki is the same one of cars and motorcycles (like yamaha)
AND if it is any good ? you know for guitars

have you seen my pick?
i believe it is the same company. that doesn't really mean anything - look at yamaha. they make motorcycles and also some of the best budget and mid level guitars around. on the other hand, although i've heard that suzuki is a good budget guitar brand, i've never seen one in person - i'm guessing they don't sell many in the u.s.

btw, i prefer steel strings, but that's just my personal preference. it doesn't mean steel strings are better than nylon, just that i like the sound of steel.
Hey, I have a 35 year old Takeharu Guitar by the Suzuki Violin Company that plays great and has a wonderful sound. It has always been excellent. My guitar has a paper inside that identifies the company so you might look into it (so to speak).

Get more info on the company here:
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I bought my wife a used Suzuki nylon-string around 1976 or so... Typical Japanese axe of the period. Well made, decent sound.

As to picking between a steel string and a nylon-stringed instrument... They're quite different in both sound and purpose. Unless you're Willie Nelson, of course.