Hailing from Swansea, South Wales these city boys are no strangers to the busy life. Having only formed in Late 2008, Forever Vendetta have acheived things that other bands in the genre take years to acheive. Sharing stages already with the likes of Hardcore Superstar, LA Guns and Tigertailz these boys already have thier foot firmly in the door of the music scene and are ready to slam it open at any time.

Still distributing tracks from thier debut EP via Myspace, which can be downloaded for free from thier blog, the boys have got their music out to the masses. They have been welcomed with open arms by many radio stations for airplay, many venues have been laid to waste by the intense live show that they deliver so well. Many people have come and gone in the knowledge they have just seen something they might not ever have seen before.

The three tracks recorded, "Young, Free and Crazy","My Ecstasy" and show stopper "Unbreakable" have just given people a taste of what the band can do. Anyone who has seen them live will know these 3 songs are not the be all and end all of the band. With new material currently being played live that far surpasses the original material, things are definatley looking good for Forever Vendetta.

And the band was also recently shortlisted to support Ozzy Osbourne at a gig in london!! www.myspace.com/ozzyneedsyou

So please guys if you like what you see on the myspace (www.myspace.com/forevervendetta) download the e.p. and keep an eye our for our new e.p. !!!

Thanks and keep rockin' !!! Any comments / opinions are most welcome, un-like a lot of bands these days we thrive on CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to take our sound further!!!
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