so i am looking into buying a Line 6 M13, but before i do i have some questions on it.
i know there are those of you who hate line 6 gear, and there are others who swear by it, but what i really need is some honest criticism

if you have a m13 or have used one in depth before, what do you think of it? what are its best qualities and what are its serious flaws?

I also own a RP 255 by digitech. its an alright FX Mod and i am planning on continuing to use it with my m13. (for some obvious reasons that it has a decent wah and a built in digitech whammy. it also has a bunch of amp and cab mods whereas the m13 has none.)

but i have a series of questions hopefully someone can answer.

i am planning to set up my a rig like: guitar-->M13-->RP-->amp
both the RP and the m13 have wahs built in, but for the m13, you need the expression pedal (that is naturally, sold seperately)

I am hoping that when i need, i can basically use my RP as a wah or whammy pedal.

i am what you could call new to FX so this may be simple, but I am confused.

Can i run the signal from my M13, with distortions and delays on into the RP and use the Rp's wah/whammy to alter the signal from the M13 as if i were using the m13's wah+expression pedal without some serious loss of tone of just altogether shit happening?

i want to avoid buying the line 6 expression pedal because it seems from the reviews i've read that its a cheap piece of shit, the only reason i would get it is cause i like to switch the level gain of distortions and such.

so is there any logic to my reasoning? can anyone think of a reason why my planned rig wouldnt work?

thanks for any of the help you can offer!

oh one more thing, well two...

volume pedals: good brand?
and i want an electric pickup to throw into my acoustic (ergo it becomes an electric acoustic). ive never used one of these, nor do i know much about them, do they work as good or should i just go with the electric acoustic. if they do work, good brand?

the new firmware for the M13 gives it like 6 wah pedals and a whammy clone which IMO is far superior to the RP255's

You don't HAVE to buy the Line 6 pedal for it. You can use any expression pedal as long as it has a 1/4" jack. Anyway, the main problems you might run into is having the whammy and wah coming after the distortion from the M13.
I have a huge fear if rays.
just sell the rp255 and get the M13, you won't need the rp255 for anything, it'll just suck tone if put in the chain after the M13. Also the M13 has a volume pedal in it, just get an expression pedal and use that.

Quote by robbo546hall
just sell the rp255 and get the M13

This, if you sell the rp255 you'll have money for an expression pedal