Hey all, i hate to be that guy thats like "what song should i play" and yet here i am. What im looking for is a good song that no one knows (or at least very few people). This is going to make it difficult as, if nobody knows it, how can you suggest it, and where will i find the tab. Preferably not too hard (im alright, but some stuff suggested on here is just crazy. I can handle slower and complex or fast and easy)

So thats my perdicament. im just bored and have tried anything i can think of, but am running out of ideas for what to actually look for. I need a song that will make me have to try but not so hard that i get discouraged by it altogether. I like most genres. i played a lot of of punk, metal, rock. Lately ive been going classical, finger picking, instrumentals. Just trying to open my range. All ideas/ copmments are welcome.

Please if you think of anything link the tab or GP/ PT if you can.