Could some one recommend me a stand for my guitars please? The problem is though, I'm quite fond of "exotic" shaped guitars (Explorers, Razorbacks, MLs, Vs), so it has to take those as well as more conventional shapes. and it also has to be able to hold classical and acoustic guitars, as well as basses. I would prefer a rack that could hold several guitars at once, and I can't get anything wall mounted.

Also, building one myself isn't out of the question. If I have no other choice, I am perfectly comfortable/able to build one myself. Therefore, if any one has any suggestion as to how I could design one to take all those shapes, they would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
What about one of those hook-like things, that you hang it on? I mean the ones you can see the guitars hanging on at guitar stores.
I would look into Hercules stands. They're pretty much what ur lookin for and they have double and triple guitar stands.

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