Any of you use any of these polishes or wipes etc for your instruments/strings?

Is there anything that may be found around the house to keep your guitar and strings in a healthy state?

I swear by a product called Fast Fret. I use it on ALL of my non-coated steel string guitars. This is going to sound like advertising, but it's not. I used to change my strings about once each month, due to oxidation and corrosion. Found this Fast Fret stuff at a local Guitar Center and it works. Use the small cloth to wipe the strings. I usually do it last thing before bed and only on guitars played that day. Then use the "stick" - I call it an applicator, to apply the oil to the strings. It's nothing more than white mineral oil, which can be bought at Bed Bath & Beyond - used to treat wood cutting boards. Don't use vegetable or cooking oil, as they will go rancid if gotten on the fretboard. Don't use motor oil, or 3M oil.

Oh, now that I use FF, I go a full year between string changes. It doesn't work so hot on phosphor bronze acoustic strings. They still tend to turn dark and ugly after about a month. For that reason, I went to coated strings on all our acoustics.
I have a box of stuff that i keep my routine junk in. All i have is some 0000 steel wool, lemon oil, whatever guitar polish was cheapest, a large flat paintbrush, a strobe tuner, and a few scraps of an old t-shirt.

You don't really need all of the chemicals and stuff they try to sell you at guitarcenter.
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You probably don't want to use steel wool on your strings. Most folks will recommend that you use the 0000 steel wool to lightly clean the frets during a string change. It's to remove corrosion on the frets. Never had any problem with corrosion on my frets, so I just clean them with lemon oil - when changing strings.

The Fast Fret is around $6 and well worth it. Or, go to BBB and get a larger bottle for about $7. Your choice.

For wiping down your guitar, I recommend a micro fiber cloth. Old T-shirts will do the job, but are known to introduce fine scratches in the finish. Micro fiber cloths will not scratch. I noticed this a long time ago, then happened to read it on Ed Roman's site. They were having the same problem with fine scratches in their finishes. GC and a number of guitar sites sell them. I happened to buy mine from PRS, since I own a couple of their guitars. They last virtually forever. If you ever need to wash one, use Woolite. Regular detergent has very small bits of glass (brightener) that will cause scratches.