FS: RG550, Vintage VS6, Dean 80's Strat, Relic Partscaster, Hiscox + others

Ibanez RG550

Self explanatory really, original Edge trem, Wizard neck, DiMarzio PAF Pro in the bridge, stock in the neck and middle positions. Neck bucker is sweet as anything, best sound I've ever heard in that position. MIJ, original neckplate, wear on the maple fretboard that doesn't affect playability but looks absolutely lovely IMO. Don't really want to sell, but in a tough financial situation at the moment.

Could of potential drawbacks, previous owner stripped the finish back to the wood, and the finish is slightly uneven, couple of air bubbles assorted around the place. Looks great from every angle apart from real close inspection. The headstock logo has also gone with that customisation, but I have the decals ready to put on. Serial number is still on the back.
Locking nuts and backplate are included, just weren't on in the picture.

Looking for £295 posted.





Dean Z Signature Series Strat (80's MIJ)

A lovely guitar, an aged, creamy finish that doesn't pick up as well as in the photos.
Ebony board, quite fast, especially for a glossy, painted neck, and the bridge pickup is especially good.

It feels like a mahogany body (it's bloody heavy!) and has very good sustain. I have been led to believe it is a MIJ, and it has been put together very well! Got a few dents, nothing that breaks the paint though, have had it about 10 years (my second guitar).

£180 posted. Bargain!





Vintage VS6

Great guitar for beginners and all players alike!
Has been gigged a few times, so a few dents and scratches, and a fill in a chip in the top of the headstock, but it is all aesthetics.

It is a great player, just not an SG type of person, much prefer my Fender jobbies. Also, it now has a set of Kluson style tuners from a Burny LP model, and an improved front jack socket with plate.

Looking for £100 posted. Another bargain!



Relic Partscaster

Did this up myself as a bit of a project, just to see if I could actually do it, just a bit of a messabout really. Will be strung up when someone buys it! Not the best quality components it must be said, but by no means is it a dog!

Is set up and has Rotosounds on at the moment!

£60 posted takes it!




Eleca 3/4 Size Nylon Acoustic = £25

Pretty self explanatory, my sister's guitar but she has given up now, so must sell on. Few chips and dents (12 year olds take care of great things don't they!)



Hiscox LiteFlite - used but in good condition = £35


Come on, someone must want these?

£275 for the RG, £90 for the Vintage, £160 for the Dean, £15 for the 3/4 and £50 for the relic.
Specs on the partscaster?

Also, would you ship to Holland?
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I would ship to Holland, but it would be £90 shipped, as it is about £30 more expensive.

Maple neck, unknown body, its light though, Axetec Iron Gear pickups (Unsure about the actual make, doesn't say on them).

Very good to throw about, and nice for a quick play. Good smooth and fast neck.

If you can paypal it tonight, I can ship tomorrow.
will have to think about that. I'll be in touch but if anyone else wants it don't wait for me.
Beware of people who use quotes