Okay, so I'm back again! This time, I'm breaking out of the acoustic world to bring you a good ol' electric tune, compliments of my Ibanez bass, Epiphone guitars, and my VOX Valvetronix 30-watt. This is the song Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young, a song that some of you might actually attribute to other bands like the Smashing Pumpkins. Here's my version, but cut me some slack, that electric LP neck is a weird fit in a hand that's held an acoustic for over two months! C4C as always, and ALL comments, criticisms, and any general praise are welcome. Go up and RATE MY STUFF too, please?!?!


Remember, the track is Cinnamon Girl, but feel free to listen to ANYTHING there!

hey mate, nice one! cool new take on an old classic. your playing was off time a little with the drums and the guitars kind of felt... mono. if you haven't double tracked them (auto or manually) i'd experiment with that. also i didn't really like the ending. i did feel like the more modern drums fit with your voice very well and the vocals were very good, nice job with those harmonies. sweet job.
Yeah thats a really really good cover. I thought the drums were a little off, but thats my only complaint. The vocals were the best.

Crit the Wilco cover in my profile? I'd appreciate it if you did. And if you wanna take a look at the other songs there...well I wouldn't say no.
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Great mixing! Sounds really cool through my headphones, love the intro especially - That's what caught my attention from the start.
Is that you singing? That's great singing from you, I like how you have tracked them so that you are singing an octave above there too.

Overall, a pretty cool cover - Production wise it's sounding great, sometimes things go a bit out of sync, but that's hardly noticeable. Solo is fluent, as it should be.
Haven't heard the song before, but I may well give it a listen now!

Keep it up!
big Neil Young fan, so I didn't know what to expect. great singing and guitar playing. really liked the harmony. the drums were either too busy at parts or just out of time, didn't like them. which sucks, cause the rest of the track was so strong.