What do you think about the bands and artists forum? I'm all for it, how about you?
i think they're great. stupid name. wish it could've just stayed Sublime. but i'd see them if i got the chance.

bradley's overrated. great vocalist. but a pretty lame dude if you ever see interviews. he's basically just a bro. he's exactly like everyone i hated in high school.

"panic" is an excellent song.


edit: i'm not saying brad's a bad guy. he was a great musician and i'm sure a cool guy. i'm just saying that he died before they got famous. that gives people a lot of room to romanticize his person to something it wasn't.
All right.

I was excited when I first heard about it. However, my whole general excitement about Sublime has steadily evaporated.

Having said that though, I would still LOVE to see them live. Even with Rome.

The guy is ok, in my opinon. And if they can make an album with half decent songs I'd be pretty happy and they would definately gain respect points from me.
they're not bad.

but based on the kimmel performance primusfan posted, god damn, rome is one sloppy guitarist.
Go Veg.
I'd love to see them actually. Rome makes it sound as close to Brad as possible and they're a great band.
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