I am selling my dream guitar, my Sea Foam Green 1957 Strat reissue for a Professional SLR Camera. It plays like a dream and looks amazing. It has normal wear and looks slightly reliced, which is from actual use. In my opinion this makes the guitar more beautiful and adds character and value. This is the same guitar used in Stranger than fiction.

I have everything that it originally came with the tweed case, switches, ashtray and tremolo. I havent modified it at all and haven't taken the neck off. It should be a 2007-2008 model. I am also selling my Vox Amp, Monte Allums Boss BD-2, An Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi and Monster Cables. We can discuss those things if you are interested.

I have included some pictures of the actual guitar:
Forgot to mention. I prefer dealing locally. I am in Southern California. Asking price is 1300 but I am open to reasonable offers.