So about a week ago, I was playing my bass through my Behringer Keyboard/PA amp, and all of a sudden the 15" woofer stopped working. My first thought was that I blew the speaker and that I'll just have to replace it. So I put it off to the side because I was planning on just buying a new bass amp.

Yesterday I started looking at the speakers. Theres a 15" woofer, and a 5 or 6" speaker, with tweeter. The tweeter and the 6" speaker work, but the 15" doesn't and it doesn't look blown, the cone is fine. So I was looking at the crossover and I noticed that the coil looking thing that's soldered on is loose on one side. If I was to resolder this would it work again? I'm trying to figure this out because I was planning on buying a new speaker for it, but if I don't have to then that'd be even better.

TL;DR : The coil thing on the crossover is loose, fix this and will my 15" speaker start working again?
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