what tower defense flash games do you enjoy playing? usually tower games are the only flash games that i really enjoy, but lately all the ones ive played regularly have become old and repetitive. ones that ive played:

Bloons Tower Defense 4
-fun for awhile, but once you learn to use the banana farms and get a sun god, it becomes impossible to loose.

-one of the first tower games i started playing, but ive never been able to beat the final level of the first stage. ive tried tons tons of different building strategies, but those damn blue tanks just plow on through. if anyone has played this and has a strategy to beat the blue tanks, sharing it would be appreciated.

Cursed Treasure
-i really liked this one because it incorporated some RPG elements. after you reached a certain score (usually after beating every level) you were given points to invest into your different turrets to increase their range, damage, or experience generation. not only did you need money to upgrade turrets, but a tower needed to generate enough kills in the level to be able to be upgraded.

Warzone Tower Defense
-cool in that there is no set path for the enemies to walk on, but levels eventually seem to get to a point where no matter how many turrets you have set up and how leveled up they are, you will get over run. i lost interest in it when i realized i was just playing for a high score.

Whiteboard Tower Defense
-fun for awhile, but becomes really easy when you learn to make a track for the enemies to travel through. at that point it more or less becomes impossible to loose.
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